The following albums and singles are the most memorable and meritous recording projects which, in my career thus far, I am proud to have been involved as arranger, conductor and performer.

1967 Nicola Bert Jansch
1968 Give A Damn The Johnstons
Streets of London (single) The Johnstons
Children of the Sun The Johnstons
This Was Jethro Tull
Christmas Song (single) Jethro Tull
1969 The Humblebums Gerry Rafferty &
Billie Connolly
Stand Up Jethro Tull
Sweet Dream (single) Jethro Tull
Witches Promise (single) Jethro Tull
Teacher (single) Jethro Tull
Life is a long song (single) Jethro Tull
Rainbow Blues (single) Jethro Tull
1971 Aqualung Jethro Tull
1972 Thick As A Brick Jethro Tull
Living In The Past Jethro Tull
1973 A Passion Play Jethro Tull
1974 War Child Jethro Tull
1975 Minstrel in The Gallery Jethro Tull
1976 M.U Jethro Tull
Too Old to Rock and Roll Jethro Tull
1977 Songs From The Wood Jethro Tull
1978 Heavy Horses Jethro Tull
Bursting Out Jethro Tull
1979 Stormwatch Jethro Tull

The Symphonic Rock Series – recorded with The London Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, The London Philharmonic Orchestra and The English Chamber Orchestra.
1984 A Classic Case Jethro Tull
1986 We Know What We Like Genesis
1989 Objects of Fantasy (aka Orchestral Manoeuvres) Pink Floyd
1994 Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles
The Symphonic Music of Yes Yes
1996 Passing Open Windows Queen
1997 Norse Popklassiker Norwegian Pop Music

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