Old Lady Grey Clip

Old Lady Grey Clip

“Then, new distant sounds fell about my ears.

They seemed to come from high, high above me; from the uttermost heights of the vaulted roof. Cries of anguish and despair – the invocations of people in distress.

Then I saw them; the ghosts of the men and women who’d given their lives (and for some, their life) for the building of the cathedral. They were perched like sparrows in the furthest corners of the vaulted roof – and then, in an instant, they were gone: disappeared, and, with them, their muted cries.”

Dee Palmer 2017

Old Lady Grey

I came to see you yesterday, my dear.
I walked into your womb and touched upon your soul
on Friday - sad day.

I saw you in your morning majesty.
A poppy midst the acres of the rye.
Don’t try to fool me with your dreadful piety:
Kyrie Eleison.

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Old Lady Grey Clip