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The writing and performing of Popular Songs for one’s own enjoyment or in pursuit of a career as a singer/songwriter is an activity that can be enjoyed (whilst others may suffer!) by people without any musical training whatsoever. Some of the most original and successful artistes in the genre have never received a music lesson [...]
Mindful of the fact that I have claimed my upcoming album Through Darkened Glass to be a collection of songs reflecting upon a handful of a lifetime’s varied experiences, one can be excused, quite readily, for thinking: “Night in Spain? What’s that all about then, Ms Palmer?" Well, the idea for the song came to [...]
Glorious Devon - Dee records with Martin Barre It was with a noticeable lightness of foot and an accountable feeling of inner warmth and expectation when, in the early morning of Valentine’s Day of this year (14th February 2017) I set out from my home in Shropshire, UK, to drive (on a bearing SSW and [...]
Within the thread of personal experiences reflected in the songs comprising Through Darkened Glass, the words and music of Black Orpheans feature not so much as a commentary upon one single event but, much more so, as a detailed account of the environment within which, as a child, I was raised or better, exposed to, [...]
Maurice Murphy and John Williams | image from Denis Wick Products
I wrote this song in The Mayflower Hotel, New York City in July, 1982. I was in NYC having (as a candidate composer) been chosen above Marvin Hamlisch - to write the score for the movie The Royal Romance, after handing in my back-stage trunk with the “Tullettes” in 1980 to return to my erstwhile [...]
Watch the video of Recording the backing vocals of Dee Palmer's new Album
A behind the scenes look at the Backing Vocal sessions for Through Darkened Glass.
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