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Urban Apocalypse Clip

“So, later on that morning and on entering Martin’s studio, almost as soon as we started to work on my songs, the old magic was back: just like it was all those years ago in Tull, with Martin producing great licks out of thin air, not unlike a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat!

The results of that day are all captured here on “Through Darkened Glass.”
Take time out to savour his exemplary playing, particularly in “Emmanuelle”.
His first solo entry and extemporised licks are right up there with those of the guitar greats, Joe Pass and Barney Kessel.

It’s the same with his solos in Urban Apocalypse and Through Darkened Glass.
Unmistakable in style and totally riveting in content.”

Dee Palmer 2017

Listen to a clip of Urban Apocalypse featuring Martin Barre

Urban Apocalypse Clip - MissDeePalmer.com